Rui Alexandre Lopes

Rui Alexandre Lopes

Board Member of NAVES since March 2019, AESE PADE Alumni, Client-centric career of 35+ years in the finance sector as well as in industry and services industries, board and senior management positions in banking, insurance and investment management.
José Ramalho Fontes

José Ramalho Fontes

One of the founders of NAVES, he was involved in NAVES mainly in its beginning and again in 2015. Former Dean of AESE Business School (2002-2014), he is now its President since 2014. Responsible for the institutional relations, legal and compliance in...
Manuel Dias Ferreira

Manuel Dias

Board member of NAVES since its beginning. Has more than 25 years as C/Board Level Executive and is a Professor of Marketing & Sales at AESE Business School. Responsible for marketing & communication in NAVES.


Board member of NAVES since January 2015 and MBA Alumni of AESE Business School. Has more than 16 years as C/Board Level Executive and was a founder/board member of a Venture Capital Firm in Portugal. Responsible for finance and strategy development in NAVES.