NAVES in divestment process in ITSports

Maria Manuel Menezes, Carlos Rebelo, Francisco Abelha and João Paulo Machado, these two alumni from AESE Business School, launched the In Time project in 2004. However, it wasn´t but a few years later that they decided to adapt their business model to an old idea of one of the promoters​​: the exploration of sports facilities. This is how the brand has changed from In Time to ITSports.

As it is known, the company currently manages several facilities in Oporto and Lisbon, where it rents football fields and paddle tennis courts, organizes birthday parties, holiday camps and football academies. ITSports is also present in the Sporting School Academy in Telheiras and in the Superball  School, that manages extracurricular soccer activity in Fomento Colleges and in Real Colégio de Portugal.

ITSports has made a strong commitment to venues with a strategic location, modern facilities and innovative material, in order to stand out in the strong and growing competition felt in the market. In 2015, the company took a big step towards its projection into the future by inaugurating a large indoor space, the ITSports Arena, near the well-known “Expo” area in Lisbon.

NAVES has supported the challenge … “It is essential to highlight the crucial role of NAVES in the emergence of our project and in what is now ITSports,” says Carlos Rebelo. “Without NAVES, it would have never been possible!”

In 2017, ITSports has another challenge. NAVES is currently working with the promoters of ITSports to attain its divestment, being the main objective the entry of a new strategic investor that will support ITSports towards a new stage of its business adventure.