A meeting point between business plans and investors

Naves Venture Capital was present at Web Summit 2017. Making known our Green&Blue Growth Fund, Rita Sousa established contacts with several investors and João Horta had the opportunity to meet many Agribusiness and Agrotech startups,

Rita Sousa participated also in the Web Summit Venture, the first Web Summit event dedicated exclusively to investors.

In the parallel event Startup Series Demo Night # LX9, organized by Canopy Lisbon at Microsoft, Rita Sousa presented a reverse pitch from Naves and the Green & Blue Growth Fund.

Ending a week of intense contacts, Rita Sousa and João Horta also attended the International VIP dinner organized by BGI and EIT Digital, where the Portuguese Scale-up Report 2017 was disclosed. This report presents the main successful startups in Portugal in the current year, as well as the list of associated investors, which Naves integrates.